Wil-U: Gift Aid



We know how complicated claiming Gift Aid can be.

Volunteers often forget or don’t like to ask about donor’s tax affairs, donors forget to fill paper forms in or don’t fill them in correctly, and HMRC’s legislation and new GDPR rules make it difficult to get those eligible claims processed.

Enter Wil-U – a solution that takes the paper forms and replaces them with a modern touchscreen interface.

It’s been designed to run on tablets which can be securely mounted or carried to wherever needed, making it as easy as possible for volunteers to grab the details of donors who are in a rush, or for those donors to fill in their details themselves.

Don’t worry about complying with the latest legislation.

All the data is checked, securely hosted, and backed up immediately so everything is compliant with the latest legislation, meaning less admin for you and your team and more time to engage donors in the sign up process.